Prof. Dr. Suat CEBECİ

Dean of Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences
Prof. Dr. Metin ÇANCI

Dean of Faculty of Engineering
Prof.Dr. Mustafa ÖZTAŞ

Dean (Acting) of Faculty of Law
Prof.Dr. Fethi GÜNGÖR

Dean of Faculty of Islamic Sciences
Prof.Dr. Alican DAĞDEVİREN

Dean (Acting) of Faculty of Art and Design
Prof.Dr. Candan DEDELİOĞLU

Dean of Faculty of Health Sciences

Dean (Acting) of Faculty of Sport Sciences
Prof.Dr. Murat AZALTUN

Prof.Dr. Mustafa ÖKSÜZ
Prof.Dr. Orhan TORKUL
Prof.Dr. İsmail ADAK

Secretary General
Ömer Naci FİDAN



The University Administartive Board consists of the Deans under the chairmanship of the Rector and
three professors to be elected by the Senate for four years. The Assistant Rectors may attend the
meetings without voting rights. The Administrative Board of the University is an auxiliary body to the
rector in administrative activities and performs the following duties:

1. To assist the Rector in accordance with the plans and programs determined in the
implementation of the decisions of the Higher Education Institutions and the Senate,

2. To ensure the implementation of activity plans and schedules, to examine the investment
programs along with budget proposal drafts by taking into consideration of the
recommendation of the subordinate units of the University and submit them to the
Rectorate with their own recommendations,

3. To take decisions on issues to be brought by the Rector regarding University Management,

4. To evaluate the objections to the decisions of the Board of Directors of Faculties, Graduate
Schools, and Vocational Schools and to resolve them,

5. To perform other duties assigned by this law.

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